There was a time where to make something, to turn a raw ingredient into something tangible was considered magic and alchemy. Within that process it was not about getting from A to B, it was all about the process, the reverence within the process and also the ritual of actually making something.


I believe that when we make things we should do it with complete sincerity to the materials used and the work itself. I do see my making as ritual and reverence. 


Each time I make a batch of balms or oils, I create an alter and on it I place an offering to honour the air, the earth, the water and the fire, I always listen to beautiful music and dress accordingly, my linen apron and brushed hair, my jewels and my lipstick, its just what I do to prepare. 


There are many interesting things I have read over the years in regards to the magic behind the creating, one recently is when Botticelli painted the Birth of Venus he wore colours associated with Venus, listened to live beautiful Venus inspired music, he lived and breathed all things Venus whilst he painted her, to imbue the creation with the very energy of the subject. 


I am not comparing myself to a Renaissance artist but I would say that there is special care and dedication to imbue the right sort of feelings and energies into a creative expression and this is what I do when I am making. I hope that it feels that way to you too. 


I would love to know if you have similar processes, I’d love to hear from you