' A scent which travels the length of life,
that enfolds you
carries you
to a place which is not of this world.'


Rose Otto essential oil*, jojoba oil*


How to Use:


Use as a beautiful personal fragrance. 

Rub onto pulse points - temples, neck, wrists and heart to open and heal your heart. 


Begin a 40 day practice, going deep into your heart, roll onto your heart and into your palms and breath it in, sitting with the sensation, you can just do this its so simple, your heart will feel you, coming back to yourself. 

Use in ritual and moments of need.

It is especially wonderful for grief too, in those tender times. 

Known as 'Queen of the oils'. Rose is one of the most precious oils in the world. It is fractionally steam distilled ( a pure and complicated process) which means it is of supreme quality. 


It takes 240,000 rose petals to make 5ml of pure rose essence oil, hence why it is so precious. 

our rose oils supports rose farmers in Afghanistan who are supported to re create their opium fields into high yielding, organic rose fields. it is supported by a charity through NHR Organic Essential oils where we source our oil from. 

our love for Roses was partly born out of a beautiful friendship with a beautifl friend - Chantal, who shared with Isa the very first rosy oils and inspired femininity within, for that we have named this precious oil 'Ode to Chantal'. 

Truly a special plant that can heal and change lives and a special scent to wear. 



Rose Essence 10ml

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  • Rose Otto essential oil*, jojoba oil*