The Mindful Collection includes 


Healing balm, 100ml Rosewater spritz, Rose essential perfume oil and a piece of rose quartz to hold close, all beautifully presented in a handmade Ikat gift/cosmetic bag made by the lovely Rosa in Mallorca. 


Sit back, nourish those aches and pains with our beautiful healing balm, dab your temples, neck and wrists with our sublime rose essence and hold that quartz close to your heart, connect with the light of the sun and breath it down inside you, deep into your heart and feel it filling with light, breath and return to yourself x 



Our Healing balm - 'ode to Juliette' 


Juliette de Baïracli Levy was a pioneering herbalist who learnt much of her wisdom from the Romani gypsies of Europe and North Africa. She was extremely fond of life on the road, music and making herself at home wherever she was. she would always plant rosemary outside her house because of old folklore regarding it as very important to keep out bad energies from the house. Her knowledge of herbs was extraordinary and her life was a huge adventure of discovery, she is a very inspirational person. 


She was Isa's first inspiration to make her first balm using herbs from her garden in NZ. Our healing balm is based on that first one and hs been our best seller for over ten years.

Comfrey has been used for over 2000 years as a medicinal plant and was first found in historic records as far back as 400BC. Comfrey helps to heal fresh cuts or wounds immediately. Especially good for scarring and bruises. It was often referred to as 'knit bone' as it is so beneficial for broken bones and the broken skin. It can also help the disappearance of scarring. It also has anti ageing properties. the allantoin inside the comfreyroot can perform skincare wonders! It is also great for nappy rash, wind burn as it reduces inflammation. 
Softens the skin too and forms a protective layer over it. Protects the skin from bacteria as it contains tannins. Draws out impurities and promotes rapid skin cell renewal!


How to use our healing balm:

As a medicinal balm on cuts, scars, stretch marks, sun burn, wind burn, dryness, rash, post operation etc.
Can also be used at night as a highly nourishing night time face balm.

Mindful Collection

  • Comfrey oil* calendula oil* coconut oil* Beeswax* Wheatgerm oil* Lavender essential oil* Tea Tree essential oil* 

    * organic