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Updated: Jul 27, 2019

Isabelle Rose, lives in Devon with two young children, aged two and four. She is currently studying horticulture to start up her own smallholding to produce medicinal herbs for the products she creates for Isa Rose Bodycare.


My first inspiration came from a small video about an amazing herbalist called Juliet de Baricelli Levy. She lived and travelled with the gypsies of Europe and North Africa learning all there is to know about folk medicine. From a book of hers, I made my first balm, which was an anti mosquito balm which ended up being very effective when I lived in NZ to repel sand flies! I also feel really inspired using roses as a medicinal; they are very effective in womens’ health.


My mum told me to wash my face in an upward motion. To apply face creams and oils in an upwards motion too, apparently it keeps your face wrinkle free for longer. And I have actually been doing that for years now. And of course, lemon and warm water first thing in the morning.


My baby balm. For one thing you can use it for just about anything. It can be a lip balm, a face cleanser, a moisturiser, it has antiseptic qualities and nourishing qualities, it can be used as an after sun balm which I am pretty sure I’m going to need on a desert island and if all else fails and there’s nothing to eat, you could probably even eat it.

Award winning Baby Balm


I want to use no plastic whatsoever, so I would like to change all my lids over to something more environmentally friendly, I would love to offer a refill service and this summer I am launching two new sun-safe products. I would love to branch out into more bespoke face oils too.


• Buy a reusable razor, like those nice old fashioned gentlemen style wooden ones.

• Washable sanitary products seem to be a very good idea. If you already use washable nappies and wipes why not these too?

• Refill : liquid soap, toilet cleaner etc.

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