absolutely love teaching and facilitating workshops. I usually start with a short intro about my work and The Rose and we all sit together and get creative with oil, essences and balm making. We usually make a bespoke face oil, a medicinal balm for example a cough vapour rub for children or a balm for cuts and bruises. We make a beautiful body balm with your own unique choice of scents and essences to aid problem skin or issues like scars or cellulite etc. We will also make, time allowing a small 10ml bottle of perfume, its a beautiful workshop full with ritual, beautiful scents and happiness, there are no rights and wrongs, we will all come away with a gorgeous batch of made things to cherish or give away as gifts. Hopefully we will have learnt a bit more about the art of blending and creating potions, have more knowledge about how to look after our family with the use of essential oils. And how to create your very own 'garden oil'. Anyone can do this, just collect half a jar of dried herbs and flowers and bring along with you to the workshop and I'll show you how to make your own garden oil x Please message me through e mail for a bespoke workshop package and we can take it from there.