Organic Ingredients 

At Isa Rose we use only Organic, cold-pressed and biodynamic ingredients in our products.

Our interests lie in simple, paired back formulas which offer maximum effect and minimum fuss. our ingredients are certified by the 'Organic Farmers and growers' and are non-timber forest products. Non GMO. Are sourced from a local supplier in Devon, keeping these products as local as possible. 

Our water based rose face spritzers are made using only Organic and biodynamic hydrosols - botanical water, made in Rutland, UK. Biodynamics in simple terms is farming based on lunar cycles, you can find out more about it HERE

Periodically we make bespoke face and ritual oils which will be uploaded onto our site as and when they are made. These are usually small batches which Isa makes from scratch – harvesting the flower or herb and macerating in a base oil such as grapeseed oil for several weeks then turning into a concoction.

Below is a more detailed description of our ingredients we hope you will enjoy.

Grapeseed oil,

Has anti ageing effects, high in omega 6, it tones the skin and is high in antioxidants, it is a mild oil but deeply nourishing and easily absorbed by the skin.

Wheatgerm oil,

 Is a skin protecting oil and has the highest levels of vitamin E of any vegetable oil. Rich in betacarotene makes it highly skin conditioning. It repairs the skin and fades scarring and stretch marks, it maintains an even skin tone and has anti ageing effects too. it supports cell regeneration and collagen formation and has a revitalising effect on weather worn or aged skin. 


Has been used for over 2000 years as a medicinal plant and was first found in historic records as far back as 400BC. Comfrey helps to heal fresh cuts or wounds immediately. Especially good for scarring and bruises. It was often referred to as 'knit bone' as it is so beneficial for broken bones and the broken skin. It can also help the disappearance of scarring. It also has anti ageing properties. the allantoin inside the comfrey root can perform skincare wonders! It is also great for nappy rash, wind burn as it reduces inflammation. 
Softens the skin too and forms a protective layer over it. Protects the skin from bacteria as it contains tannins. Draws out impurities and promotes rapid skin cell renewal!

Witch Hazel water

An antioxidant and astringent and is an excellent skin toner.

Cucumber Glycerol

High in minerals such as magnesium, potassium and vitamin C. Full of amino acids, proteins and lipids. Sooths skin irritations and reduces any swelling. Improves skin complexion.
Sandalwood essential oil,

 An anti inflammatory, antiseptic and revives and heals damaged skin. Sooths dry skin, razor burn and restores vitality.

Shea butter,

Conditions the skin and restores elasticity, it re-hydrates sun damaged skin and contains low levels of SPS. Contains phytosterols which stimulate the base layer of the skin and helps regenerate faster, which gives skin a fresh glow and keeps it young looking! 

Sesame oil,

We use cold pressed and organic, it is great as a massage product and is very nourishing for your skin.

Evening Primrose oil,

Is rich in Vitamin E and is an antioxidant. Rich in Gamma linolenic acid (GLA) which his easily absorbed into the skin to help it restore itself, retains moisture and prevents further drying out of the skin. 

Vitamin E oil, is a powerful antioxidant which reduces free radical damage.

Beeswax, is a natural emollient which keeps the skin soft and creates a protective barrier for the skin. 

Rose Otto essential oil.

Is well renowned for its healing properties, it rejuvenates the skin, fights bacteria, enhances well being, lifts the mood in times of grief or pain. Supports women health as an excellent hormone re balancer and is excellent as a skin toner. 

Geranium essential oil.

we use for balancing, cooling, and has a reviving effect on the skin. Aids detox and balances emotions also acts a a painkiller. 

Calendula is also known as marigold oil. And grows in most gardens!

Repairs the skin and is mildly antiseptic and helps to calm skin eruptions and cuts. Helps speed recovery time due to surgery or accident. Also great as an aftersun. Packed full of medicinal properties. 

Coconut oil conditions the skin, is easily absorbed and leaves the skin feeling lustrous and silky smooth. 

Shea Butter

Conditions and moisturises the skin and restores elasticity, it is also a skin cell rejuvenator, so its great for sun damaged skin or signs of ageing.  

Argan Oil

Has been used in Morocco by local Berber women for centuries, possibly thousands of years as a medicinal oil for the skin and hair. It strengthens the hair whilst making it soft and leaves no oily residue.Adds condition to dull or lifeless hair or over processed hair. It also promotes moisture retention which keeps the hair more flexible and reduces breakage. Reduces dandruff and also conditions the scalp. Argan oil, softens and moisturises sun damaged skin, heals and repairs the lips. 

Baobab oil,

High in moisture levels and is excellent for shine and condition for the hair. It has been used in Africa for centuries as a medicinal plant. 

Grapeseed oil

Has anti ageing effects, high in omega 6, tones the skin and is high in antioxidants, it is a mild oil but deeply nourishing and easily absorbed by the skin.