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Self taught Isabelle Rose has had a passion for making things with her hands for as long as she can remember. Her body care products have now grown into a large collection and are flourishing from their humble beginnings in New Zealand where she learnt her skills as a balm maker.

She is fascinated by the profound effects of the Rose and is on a life long journey of discovery of the Rose, from pilgrimages to rose gardens and distilleries throughout the world and making and learning with its potent properties, hoping to one day have a rose garden of her own and to distill and make her own oils and botanical waters.


At Isa Rose we make beautiful and nourishing body care balms, face spritzers and seasonal roll on high vibe essences in small batches in Devon. We use only Organic, cold -pressed and Biodynamic ingredients in our products. We are inspired by traditional folk medicine, deeply rooted in ethical and nature-loving sensibilities. We hope to lend a refreshing look at balms and creams for use in our everyday lives.


Our products have won Gold and Bronze Awards in Green Parenting Magazine in 2019 and we are members of the Guild of Craft Soap and Toiletry makers UK.  


Our labels are printed using paper approved by the woodland trust with non toxic, vegetable based inks in Exeter.



We are a member of the Guild of Soap makers and Toiletry makers UK. And we hold safety certificates from the relevant sources, details of which can be sent on request.